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Bauble Packaging

These hexagonal boxes are fairly quick and easy to make.  A single piece of A4 cardstock and a couple of pieces of a designer series paper stack are all that is needed.

  1. Score the cardstock at 1″5/8th intervals across the width, and trim so the last and 7th sections is narrower, the glue flap needs to be narrower.  If it is too long the box is pushed out of shape.
  2. Score across the top of the cardstock at 1″3/4 and the bottom at 1″3/8th, these are the fold lines for the top and bottom of the box.
  3. Using the punch boards at every score line across the top of the box use the candy box punch board and the bottom the gift bag punch board.
  4. Trim the paper stack sheets into strips 1″3/8ths wide and use these to decorate the  sides of the box.  In the past I would have used double sided tape to attach the mats and layers but recently I’ve been trying a Tombow glue stick.  It definately makes life a lot easier, re-positional for 2 minutes more than enough time to get things straight.
  5. Run double sided tape down the length of the glue flap and trip the bottom flap off, this would add to much bulk to the base of the box.  Trim any excess tape.
  6. To keep the box in shape and to provide support for the base flaps you need one more piece of cardstock 1″3/8ths wide and 3″7/8ths long, score 1″ from either end and attach inside the base of the box using double sided tape.  Then fold the flaps onto this and secure with wet glue for strength.
  7. The box is complete, tie with ribbon and shape the top to suit.

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