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The Perils of Pinterest part 1

Wandering around Pinterest is a good way to lose vast chunks of time.  Your list of things to try gets longer and the time in which to do them shrinks exponentially.  Especially if you suffer from procraftination.

Procraftination – definition

the state if indecision you experience when the number of projects you want to try, exceeds the time available and you enter into headless chicken mode not knowing which to try first.  This results in an exceeding large pinterest board and reams of unused craft stash.

In future I think it’s going to have to be look for 5 minutes (ok I know lets be more realistic 60 minutes + 36 pins) and then craft.  Didn’t manage it today, its 2:30pm school run in 45mins so lets see where today’s top pin gets me.

The idea for today’s card came from here inspiration.

After the school run I carried on playing for a while.  I prefer the background on this one but feedback from my daughter suggests that I went a little overboard on the fussy cutting of the Falling Flowers stamp set.  I was having soooooo much fun I couldn’t stop.  However I suspect that the matching framelets with this set my have to be added to my wish list.



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