Storage, the crafters Holy Grail.

Possessing the right storage solutions and having a clutter free and organised space to craft is one of the most difficult challenges a crafter faces.  Inspiration, ideas and creativity are hard to come by when you can’t see, get to or simply know just what you have in your craft stash.

This is something that has challenged and defeated me for more years than I care to count or admit.  In all honesty my craft stash has overtaken my home, garage, shed and some of it has even made it’s way to family members homes on extended loan because I have run out of space.   Strange to think that I started with a single A4 really useful box because I wanted to make my own boxes for my handmade jewellery.

Why is it when you start with papercrafting not one person warns you that this is not a hobby, it is an obsession that will take over your bank account, home and every waking moment of your life.  Now I’m not at all unhappy about this but I would have REALLY appreciated even the smallest warning.  Given the choice between baked beans on toast for tea and another punch or set of stamps or a night out with a bottle of wine and a steak dinner, I’ll choose the baked beans on toast and another set of stamps, not forgetting maybe the dies or punch to match.

I have explored countless storage options, obsessed over those perfect craft rooms you see on you tube tours and cried into endless cups of coffee wishing I had access to target, stampnstorage and joanns.  Now I don’t think I will ever completely divest myself of my favourite form of torture (those damnable you tube tours of perfection) but I have discovered an incredible versatile customisable and FREE, yes you really did read that FREE storage solution.

Take a trip to the picture department of your nearest IKEA.  Now you are not looking at the frames my friends, look inside the boxes of frames and those black plastic things holding the frames in the boxes that is the ultimate storage solution for paper stacks, ink pads, punches, pens, pencils, markers and more than likely a lot more than I have discovered just yet.  Those lovely people in IKEA are quite happy for you to take those with you and recycle them, it saves them throwing them away.  I do however think it’s only polite not to leave the department in a mess by divesting every box of these wonderful doodads and make sure you actually buy something too, the meatballs are divine and are a great accompaniment to the baked beans on toast.

The pictures I have posted this evening are not the best and I’ll gently persuade my significant other to take some better pictures soon.  The black things come in a variety of lengths and widths and sizes, and on my next foraging trip I will remember to take note of which size is from which frame etc etc and I’ll take some measurements too.


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