So you want to be able to keep and share a wishlist with your friends, work mates and loved ones.  Well now you can.

The legal bit, Terms and Conditions

  1. Your wishlist will be shared with anyone who requests it by supplying your email address and user name.  No exceptions.
  2. You may have one or more lists but they will all be sent to the requestor.
  3. The wishlist will not include any location information, I don’t ask for it so I don’t have it, ergo I won’t give it.
  4. Responsibility for updating and keeping your list current rests with you.
  5. Completing the wishlist form will include you in my wishlist mailing list.  I will contact you from time to time to update your list, ask if you want to make changes, let you know if items have or are retiring etc.  You can unsubscribe at anytime but this will mean your wishlist is deleted.  Unrecoverably deleted, gone expunged, it will no longer exist anywhere.
  6. Please ask your loved one to purchase your wishlist items from my demonstrator shop, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a list like this and these purchases will keep me demonstrating for years to come.

A current hostess code with be added to every wishlist sent out and goodies distributed the next month .